The Dapper Club is a classic-to- eclectic accessories brand for dapper dressers and dreamers alike. We believe that being dapper is a lifestyle and goes far beyond your ‘outfit for the day’. Our aim has always been to offer accessories that tell a story, socks that stand out as the feature of an outfit, or cufflinks becoming a talking point for conversation.

Our accessories are designed with functionality in mind so whether you are attending a special occasion or you’re going about your daily 9-5, you can do so in sophisticated comfort. We assemble some of the best and brightest in men’s accessories for your browsing pleasure.

We’re growing our product offering to include ties, bowties, pocket squares, tie clips, cuff links, belts, shoe laces and watches. We carefully curate our items from craftsman around the world and in-house at our headquarters in Durban, South Africa, whilst keeping a fine balance between current trends and dapper sensibility.

We offer a range of limited edition styles, available in limited numbers for a limited time only. The aim is to keep The Dapper Club items exclusive and ensure that our customers are purchasing unique items.

We are a global online store, cognizant of the challenges of online shopping so we offer items in a free size. We pride ourselves on stellar customer care so feel tree to contact us if you require any assistance with your order.